Child safety tech is an incredibly fast growing industry and one that we at EFTM love to keep on top of. Everything from internet monitoring to phone tracking and wearables – the device I want to introduce you today is the Australian owned and operated TicTocTrack, a SIM-based, GPS trackable watch with both call and SMS functionality.

TicTocTrack boast being the first to Australian market with this type of gear and while it’s not brand spanking new, they have released a pretty groovy update to their software that will afford you just that much more peace of mind when it comes to your little ones.

Today’s software update integrates two brilliant features – both in regards to your kids mobile phone. As a parent, you’re now able to receive SOS alerts and create ‘safe zones’ based on information from the phone, a service traditionally limited to the TicTocTrack watch.

A ‘safe zone’ is a location/border around a specific location that when breached by your kid, will send an alert straight to your phone. Kids supposed to be at school? If they leave that established zone, you’ll know about it.

The reason this is a relatively big deal is that as kids grow up, you’ll quickly find their resistance to wearing a GPS watch that isn’t exactly ‘on fleek’ (it’s a thing the kids say, I promise). So if you’re able to get all the same functionality out of their mobile phone, you get to keep track of your kids and know they’re safe without them feeling embarrassed or otherwise invaded.

Stay tuned for a full review of the TicTocTrack system in the coming weeks here at EFTM.