Some of my favourite tech to see in action these days is the wearable payment equipment we’re seeing come out of the banking industry – simply because of how creative they’re getting. Westpac have today dropped their latest line of this gear for use in this regard and it includes an iron on patch for your clothes… brilliant…They’re calling this the ‘Centsitive Objects’ range.

The full list of wearable payment tech from Westpac today includes;

  • Band + Chain – a convertible two-in-one keychain made from recyclable materials that can be
    disassembled and worn as a waterproof wristband.
  • Slimline Keeper – a subtle silicone tag that can be added to your existing watch or fitness band.
  • Centsitive Patch – an iron or sew-on patch that can be hidden on clothing or accessories.
  • Nostalgia Pin – iconic safety pin design with an attached keeper hidden beneath clothing.
  • Incognito Pin – an ultra-minimalist option attached to a keeper with four interchangeable ‘topper’ designs – including a lightning bolt and half sphere.

The amount of options and customization available in this product range is borderline ludicrous, but I love it.

Jenny Melhuish from Westpac has said that “Our customers are increasingly on-the-go with more than 56,000 now using PayWear to support their everyday transactions. So we’ve evolved our existing range of accessories to create something special that offers a sleek, subtle and convenient way to tap-and-pay“.

This groovy new line of products is priced between $20 and $30 and is available to Westpac customers today.