We’ve all heard about paring food with wine, some of us do it better than others. But when the idea was floated for us to review a soda drink designed to be matched with burgers, well it was all in from this end.

The drink is called LoveBite and makes the extraordinary claim to “cleanse the palette so the lingering taste will be the food, not the drink. It is delicious, yet not overpowering – allowing the burger to remain the hero”

The three LoveBite flavours are Blood Orange, Lime & Bitters to pair with red meat, Lemon, Passionfruit & Mint to pair with white meat and Watermelon & Mandarin for vegetarians or seafood lovers.

Now without sounding like our Lifestyle Style Editor Geoff, I gotta say it was quite the refreshing drop. It really was an unbelievable culinary experience, it pushed the boundaries of not just mine but our cub reporter John’s tastebuds.

It really nailed the five basic tastes: sweet, salt, bitter, sour and umami. For the layman the latter means savory. The light carbonation was a real dreamboat, allowing us to retaste the flavours over and over again…

Cool hey, well I’ve just rehashed their press release, so this is how I’ll sum it up. LoveBite is available in a range of exotically flavoured varieties and goes good with food.

Disclosure: Burger was provided by Charlies Chargrill. The drink, well work it out.