Samsung don’t normally draw a lot of attention to their annual developers conference, but this year they did what needed to be done to get that attention – show something new, something special, and a foldable Samsung Smartphone display is just that.

The device, shown to developers to get them thinking about their next generation apps – thinking how the user goes from the outside smaller “front” screen to the larger tablet like inside screen.

It’s not a final device, it doesn’t have a name (though many suggest it will be the Galaxy F series of products), and it looks – ahh, chunky.  But Samsung say that’s to hide the final device which will be shown off – we assume – at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early next year.

Despite being chunky, it is also strange that the front display seems so small while the inside one seems “taller” – but, we’ll leave that to leakers and theorists to determine – we’ll wait for the real thing next year.

Question is – why?

Well the commuter for starters.  Phone in the pocket, scrolling through emails – time for some Netflix or Stan?  Easy, flick it open, bigger screen.

Same for viewing photos, documents you name it.

But this device can’t just be a device that does that thing – it has to still be at Samsung’s standards.  The screen resolution must be high, it has to be thin as a device.  So it seems they have their work cut out for them.

We shall wait and see – interesting times!