From the get-go, these guys have given themselves a much better chance than the Yellow and Orange failures that came before them – they’re green?  No, they’re smart.

Lime Bikes, from the same company that has been doing bikes and scooters in the US have dropped a bunch of bikes on Sydney (to go along with the Scooters they have at Monash Uni in Melbourne).

Photo: Luke Hopewell

Dropped fair and square in the CBD, the bikes look restricted to the eastern suburbs by the look of the Lime app which I’ve used a few times in the USA.

Now, while they are parked nicely now – according to the photos Luke Hopewell posted on Twitter – once hired they can be dropped anywhere.

Anywhere that is, except for restricted areas, which include around the Harbour, Botanic Gardens, and Darling Harbour.

Highlighted in red, the app simply won’t allow the bikes to be left there.

Using the Lime app, each user has to take a photo of where they leave a bike, plus the charges won’t end until it’s been left in a safe place (outside the “red zones”).

Good idea.  Will it take off?  Probably not.

Photo: Luke Hopewell

Personally, having ridden the scooters in San Jose, they are a hoot, so I hope they bring them here to Sydney – but folks, wear a helmet, or you’re in for a fine too.