The Australian summer is a whirlwind of barbecues, thongs and beach days – and with mobile phones being a non-negotiable extension of the human body, it’s entirely reasonable to need either a water resistant, or fully waterproof phone case. Well, Seaquatix have one hell of a solution.

This brilliantly simple (and relatively small) air tight case is designed for a depth of 20 metres up to two hours! Which is more than anyone could need for pool, beach or snorkeling related uses.

Now while none of us here at EFTM are known for going outside, or socializing at all for that matter… we did put the Seaquatix to the test in our office sink!

And it did a fantastic job. There was a bit of hesitation about throwing a brand new Google Pixel in the sink with a previously untested device, but I’m clearly too negligent to care – and this case is far too effective.

It has two thick latches to ensure your phone is completely secure;

The Seaquatix Waterproof phone case ships free Australia wide and is available in black, green, pink, blue, white, orange, purple and yellow. It retails for $54.95 and I’ll argue is worth every dollar. Truly a must have for anyone spending copious amounts of time outdoors this summer.