For the second year in a row Oppo has taken the title of Most Satisfied Customers in the annual Canstar Blue smartphone survey.

The result reflects on recent smartphone products with those surveyed having to have purchased a new phone within the last two years.

Oppo’s overall satisfaction rating at five stars comes from strong results in the Value for Money, Durability, Battery Life and Appearance categories with four stars in Speed, User Friendliness and Camera Quality.

They were the only brand to score five stars overall, with Samsung coming in second after scoring consistent four star ratings across the board.

Apple fell behind Sony and HTC with three star ratings in Value for Money and Battery life.

Perhaps we’re starting to realise these flagship phone prices are out of control.

Canstar’s survey also found that 14% of people upgrade every year, with 47% upgrading when their plan finishes.

Those choosing to be on a mobile plan are spending an average of $86 per month – while those purchasing outright on average are spending $642.

That outright purchase amount is the most telling, with Oppo, along with Huawei and Nokia among others focussing on that price point with many of their mid-range phones.

Pretty big deal for Oppo to score this result two years in a row, and a solid reflection of the feelings of their customers.