We’ve seen a lot of wireless chargers, every credible accessory brand has one, and they are great.  But, they sit there, waiting, looking sad on your bedside table or shelf.  Enter the PowerPic from TwelveSouth – it’s a photo frame!

This is not an electronic photo frame, the photo is one you have to print at Harvey Norman or on a cracking good photo printer.  But – it is electronic.  Plug it into USB power, and hey presto, it’s a charger – Qi Wireless Charger!

Yep, place your phone in the frame and you’re getting juice.

Perfect for the bedside table, entryway, or even the shelf along with other photo frames.

At $129 it’s on the steep side for wireless chargers, but hey, it’s multi-purpose!

Outputting up to 10W Wirelessly for fast charging, it’s an ideal Christmas gift!

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