There’s a lot going on with Hisense TVs in 2019 as announced here in Las Vegas at the annual CES retail trade show. The new range of TVs from Hisense will feature everything from Dolby Vision to Google Assistant as they look to continue their strength in the Aussie market.

In addition to the popular Series 7 & 8 ULED TVs, Hisense are again bringing their premium Series 9 range to Australia as well as an all new Series G TV which sets itself aside from the rest of the range as a pure Android TV.

“We’re very proud of this year’s line up as it boasts some exciting improvements to image and sound quality, as well as a new AI-charged smart TV operating system. These advancements will not only provide Australians with a more immersive viewing experience but also enhanced connectivity and ease of use, thanks to the integration of voice control technologies,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

“Demand for Hisense’s premium televisions has increased significantly in recent years, particularly in 2018 which saw our Premium ULED range expand significantly alongside the launch of our first ever OLED,” said Iannuzzi.

“The 2019 range of Hisense ULED TVs is in line with our continued commitment to ULED technology, which is capable of delivering vibrant colour, bold contrast and amazing brightness, together with brilliant design,” he added.

The premium Series 9 ULED TV will feature a new Hi-View Engine Pro, a Hisense Technology which enhances the upscaling capabilities of the TV to ensure that any content – even Standard Definition – looks great on the 4K screen.

Across the ULED range there’s a continued focus on Ultra Local Dimming, Quantum Dot technology, a Wide colour gamut and now Dolby Vision and Atmos across the range.

The brand’s Smart TV interface gets an upgrade too, with the Version 3 VIDAA featuring Artificial Intelligence using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to allow full voice control of most features of the system.

And of course, there’s Hisense’s “Go big or Go Home” effort with their 100-inch Laser TV hitting Aussie shores, while the size boost doesn’t stop there, with 75 inch and 80 inch models being added to the affordable Series 6 TV range.

No word yet on pricing or release dates, we’ll have to wait a couple of months for that.