German company Mann+Hummel are using CES to capture the imagination of vehicle component manufacturers. With over 75 years of experience in the filtration industry, Mann+Hummel have designed a product that will excite car nuts and neat freaks; a device that eliminates brake dust!

Thomas Michalak, Sales & Business Development Manager for Mann+Hummel’s ‘Fine Dust Eater’, admitted that while the product was not initially designed to keep wheels clean, it has worked out to be a very handy side effect for those who detest unintentional shadow chrome!

The ‘Fine Dust Eater’ was designed to combat the very real problem of high concentrations of brake dust in certain traffic areas. Near traffic lights and on steep grades hazardous dust levels peak and are often tested at levels well above those that would be considered safe.

Mann+Hummel cite World Health Organisation statistics that identify around 47,000 people in Germany alone dying each year because of fine dust. It is a much more serious problem than dirty wheels.

The ‘Fine Dust Eater’ is a small filter device, attached near the brake caliper that captures around 80% of the dust caused by braking applications. The filter lasts for the life of the brake pads.

Although the ‘Fine Dust Eater’ can be retrofitted, it is primarily designed to be fitted at the time the car is manufactured.

Car nuts and neat freaks, breath easy, ‘Fine Dust Eater’ is on its way.