Late in 2018 we announced to you that Lenovo released their ‘Smart Display’ – it’s a bigger, sexier version of the Google Home Hub and the fans loved it. Well now, because why not rub salt into the wound of their competitors, Lenovo have announced a Smart Clock with Google Assistant built-in.

Make no mistake, this device is real nice and small and at a base level can function as an alarm clock, which is perfect for the punter. However for the more technically inclined consumer, the Lenovo Smart Clock will for all intents and purposes function as a hub for all smart home control through Google Assistant.

You couldn’t even make an argument against the design it’s just clean… This article sounds more like an advertisement than an announcement but I can’t help myself – great little product.

While we don’t have Australian availability or pricing just yet – it’s going for $80 USD so that should give you a guideline, and it’s a promising guideline at that.