Take a walk though your local white-goods and appliance store and check out all the star ratings on each of the fridges. Some are not so good, some look good! Not this good. Hisense have announced a 5.5 Energy Rating on their latest fridge.

The 453 litre bottom mount fridge features a sophisticated inverter compressor motor and specially developed vacuum insulation panel (according to Hisense!) which quite simply engineers the fridge to be energy efficient.

Of course, the more energy efficient the motor is that has a huge impact on the rating, but the insulation of the fridge plays a huge role too, minimising the time the motor needs to work.

To top it all off – it’s a sexy beast too. Black steel has a great look to it and will stand out in store, and in your home.

The RRP will be $1,699 – that puts it about mid-range in the Bottom-Mount fridge category, and while there are plenty cheaper many big name brand fridges of this size and similar price have star ratings of 3.5 so you can see the leap that Hisense have made.

Andre Iannuzzi from Hisense says “We are all increasingly concerned by rising household energy bills and the impact this has on our electricity use and on the environment. The good news is with reliable modern technology, refrigerators have never been more efficient.”

“This is the most energy efficient refrigerator Hisense has ever engineered and we are very proud to be first launching in Australia,” he added.

“The Black Steel 453L Bottom Mount Refrigerator demonstrates the role innovation and clever engineering can play in helping all of us be more eco-friendly without compromising on the size, functionality and convenience of a product.”