If you pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone you are in for a real treat because the free Samsung Galaxy Buds you’re getting are music to your ears.

The IconX earbuds from Samsung were good, not great. The Galaxy Buds leave them behind by laps and are a clear outcome of the Harman ownership through AKG tuning of the sound.

While still not quite the Bass heavy sound some people prefer, they offer a really rich sound – not full – but perhaps a touch treble heavy. Adjustable within the Galaxy Wearables app, the EQ settings will bring things closer to where you want them if you do have a sound preference.

They are among the smallest 100% wire free earbuds I’ve used, while still doing a great job at blocking out noise, and delivering a sound you’ll rave about. Inside their case they are not a burden to carry either, easily pocket sized without being uncomfortable.

Phone call quality – tops. No dramas for the person at the other end hearing me – perhaps not the best overall quality of voice for the caller, but no problems comprehending.

Music to my ears? For sure. I found these remarkably comfortable for long periods. I actually used them 100% as my headphones from San Francisco to Barcelona and Barcelona to Sydney.

Battery life to me seemed about 6 hours perhaps 7, and the recharge in the case was pretty snappy, though you’d need a nap or it would be like watching grass grow.

Wireless charging – a real winner, down on the bedside table and sorted. I did try using the Galaxy S10’s wireless power sharing, but to be honest, the case slips around the back of the phone, and wireless charging is a whole heap slower than a USB-C cable, so I’d opt for that 90% of the time.

As with all earbud headphones, you don’t get the chance to test them before buying – but, I really don’t think these will disappoint. The Stig joined me in Barcelona and loves his Jabra 65t’s, found them to be a better audio quality – fine. But I don’t expect someone who has a good pair of wireless earbuds to rush out for these.

Size compared to Similar Jabra earphone

If these are your first, you’ll love them. If you’re getting them free with your phone – they are outstanding. If you’re looking for a set of Wireless earbuds then these Samsung Galaxy Buds tick pretty much every box – I wouldn’t think anyone would complain after spending $249 on them – though we’re not sure if or when they’ll actually go on sale – stay tuned!