Following on from the success of their CordZero stick vacuums over recent years, LG have today announced a new range of handstick vacuums, one of which comes with the ultimate head – a Vacuum and Mop.

This new head is something amazing. I’ve seen “mop” attachments before – they are a great microfibre cloth, you add water and you get a good wipe down of your floors.

As someone who spent a LOT of money on new hardwood floors around my whole home – the mop process is one we struggle with most.

So, if the A9 Ultimate will really allow me to Mop and Vacuum at the same time – count me in.

This head has a reservoir for water, and two large spinning mop heads – this motorised action will give a scrub action not a wipe – all at the same time as vacuuming too.

I’m yet to understand how it Vacuums and Mops – we would normally Vacuum the whole floor area then mop – so – if it’s done in one motion – bring it on.

You can set the level of dampness, with the water supplied to the rotating pads at either 6 or 8 second intervals, or not at all if you want a “dry mop”.

The 2019 LG CordZero Handstick range has five models, the Ultimate being the one with the Mop head included:

A9 ULTIMATE                 – $1199
A9 ADVANCED               – $1099
A9 Master 2X                  – $999
A9 MULTI 2X                   – $899
A9 ESSENTIAL                – $799

If it does what it says on the box, and does it well – that premium on the Ultimate could make it one of the best value stick vacuums on the market for people with hard floors.