If you haven’t heard about the raging electric car debate by now, then clearly you’ve literally been living off-grid. There’s been so much misinformation spread that’s it’s almost becoming impossible to keep track of it all. Labor want 50 per cent of new cars by 2030 to be electric, sorry but not going to happen. But we may well have a pretty big share of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Hydrogen and EV vehicles by that point.

Then there’s the great charging debate. I’ve heard claims anywhere from 8 minutes right up to 15 hours to juice up an EV car. Somewhere in between lies the truth, people just need to do a bit of research to figure it out.

However, Chargefox the only public ultra-rapid EV charging network has expanded today, with the opening of its 2ndultra-rapid charging station in North Victoria at Barnawartha. The charger can deliver 400km of range in 15 minutes and is powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Chargefox CEO Marty Andrews said, “The new charging station is a significant milestone, enabling electric vehicle drivers to travel from Melbourne to Victoria’s high country, or to the NSW Riverina Murray region without any long charging stops.”

CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council Behyad Jafari said, “The introduction of Australia’s first public charging network is a significant milestone to the broader goal of mass adoption of electric vehicles. Every Australian would benefit from a pivot to electric vehicles. Our cities could have cleaner, quieter roads, drivers could be spared the unpredictability of the petrol bowser and the nation wouldn’t be dependent on foreign fuel imports. Chargefox’s network is a key piece of the puzzle for Australia to accelerate from the back of the global pack.”

Chargefox has 20 ultra-rapid charging stations planned to connect Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide. There’s also plans for stations in WA and Tasmania.

At the Barnawartha North site, Chargefox has installed two ultra-rapid 175 kW chargers that are capable of charging two cars at once. One car can be charged at up to 350kW DC. These are the real big guns in terms of charging right now and are made by ABB who entered the EV charging market back in 2010. They can also deliver 200km of range in just 8 minutes.

The station also includes two Australian made 50 kW DC Tritium Veefil-RT fast chargers. These can deliver 60km of range per 15 minutes. The chargers can accommodate any EV car including Tesla vehicles when used with an adapter. Tesla already has an extensive Supercharger network, but all other brands are locked out of accessing it.

Sure it’s baby steps at this stage, but EV cars are coming and charging them is only going to get quicker and easier.