That’s not a Bluetooth speaker – THIS is a Bluetooth Speaker – the JBL PartyBox 300 is next level, and I don’t care what speaker you’re referring to – trust me, this one is bigger, and better.

Standing 69cm tall and weighing in at just under 16kg this is no ordinary Bluetooth Speaker.

It pairs with your phone like any other speaker would, but around the back you’ve got options for RCA line in, a 3.5mm Aux line in, and both Microphone and Guitar line in too. It’s a real all-rounder.

Partybox compared to the JBL Charge and Boombox

Paired with Bluetooth you’ll be blown away by the sound – not just the level you can achieve but the quality from the two 6.5inch Woofers and three 2.25 inch tweeters.

There’s Bass Boost as a button but you’d hardly need it and on board is a Battery that will give you 18 hours of playback time.

Yep, the party goes all day and into the night.

Lights and strobes fill the speakers and the front casing, and can be set to Meter, Pulse or Party mode for different effects.

The most impressive thing though – the price. It’s $599! Bang for your buck that’s amazing value, but of course, I appreciate not everyone wants a speaker this big.

One thing to note – it is not splashproof or waterproof so keep it inside or out of the rain folks!

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