Without any fanfare Kogan.com have added a membership program to their online shopping site and it’s called Kogan First.

I stumbled across it while buying some stools for the EFTM office, and at first glance it doesn’t seem all that appealing based on the price.

At $99 a year, you’re getting delivery savings each time you buy, but you’d want to be buying 4-5 times per year or more to justify that.

Kogan First joins a growing list of loyalty programs from major online retailers. eBay have their eBay Plus, Amazon has Prime.

Price wise, Kogan First is the highest. eBay plus is $49 per year, while Amazon Prime is just under $84 a year. Kogan First is $99 per year!

Benefits are listed as “free delivery on 1000s of eligible products” as well as “upgrades to express shipping at no extra cost” (with some catches) as well as “priority customer service”.

It’s just another incremental addition to the Kogan experience which continues to grow, with more shoppers each year helping Kogan’s share price soar in the last week.

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