I think by now we all know how important the mobile phone is to us as individuals – but there’s also a much wider impact to be assessed, and that is what a report by Deloitte Access Economics is finding.

Mobile phones will contribute to around 3.1% of our GDP by 2023 through productivity benefits, while revenue from the mobile industry is continuing to grow – up 15% from $22 billion in 2011 to $25.2 billion in 2017.

But – it’s the social impact of the mobile phone that really opens your eyes.

94% of Aussies take their smartphone with them when they leave home – that’s more than the proportion of people who take their wallet!

60% of Aussie homes admit their mobiles have replaced at least three other items (like home phones, cameras etc).

But get this, 75% of all 000 Emergency calls from from Mobiles. Now that’s not utterly shocking, but just for a moment think about what on earth we did before Mobiles!

Turning to the potential downsides for us as individuals, over half of us are worried about an over-reliance on mobile phones, probably because almost half check their phones every half an hour!

John O’Mahony, lead author of the report and partner at Deloitte Access Economics, said: “Australia is a leading mobile nation, and the benefits of mobile telecommunications add value to our lives – both professionally and personally.

“This analysis demonstrates just how integral mobile has become to people and businesses, as well as the significant economic contribution of the industry.

“5G will support even greater productivity as a result of greater connectivity and network capacity, and the economic benefits will be felt across all industries. As 5G becomes a reality, the role of mobile will become even more central to revolutionising the way we interact with the world.”

Chris Althaus, CEO of AMTA, said: “The mobile industry is an enabler of economic growth with the industry itself making a significant contribution to GDP and employment. But the full benefits are much broader as it provides new pathways for businesses to create value, supports productivity and even helps people join the labour force.

“When it comes to the rollout of 5G, Australia is a leader. However, we need the government to play a key role to support the deployment of infrastructure to enable an effective 5G future that benefits Australian business and society while keeping us a global frontrunner.”

To read the full report visit the AMTA website