It’s awesome that we’ve got a simple tap on and tap off public transport system in NSW – and even more so that the use of credit cards to tap on and tap off has been enabled.

The next step was the addition of the digital wallet, using your smartphone payment app to tap on and tap off – but today, Samsung takes that to the next level.

In a traditional digital wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay, you need to approach the Opal gate or reader and unlock your phone, wake it up and authenticate yourself.

Not so with Samsung Pay – as of today you can tap on and off Opal terminals without waking or unlocking your phone.

This makes the process of using your smartphone for the Opal public transport system effortless and exactly the same as if you had your Opal card in the back of your phone case (as many do).

To us it, you set a default payment card for the Opal Services, and once enabled the tap on tap off process is ready. The update to Samsung Pay has been developed specifically for the Opal system here in NSW.

Mark Hodgson, head of Samsung Pay in Australia, said: “Samsung is investing in delivering cutting-edge solutions for Samsung Pay to help provide customers with maximum convenience and security for their mobile wallet. As a first step, we are rolling out this technology to work with the Opal system in NSW.

“We worked with Transport for NSW to build a solution that is designed to offer a seamless experience for people choosing to use Samsung Pay when commuting across the NSW Opal network.

“We pride ourselves on working with organisations to help create convenient solutions for customers, and we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to make this happen,” said Mr Hodgson.

The update doesn’t change the way credit and debit cards are used on normal payment terminals, the non-woken phone usage only works on Opal readers.

Of course, if you lose your phone – you need to disable Samsung Pay and your card because someone can tap on and off at train stations – but lets be honest, crims are looking for cash, not train rides:)