Angus from LG who’s a good friend of EFTM recently got me thinking about Sydney traffic. I’ll stick to Sydney given it’s my home town, but no doubt if you live in any of our capital cities you’ll have suggestions on how to fix the following sources of irritability.

The ivory tower that Angus works from overlooks Wallgrove Rd at Eastern Creek. This is now basically the geographic centre of the Sydney metropolitan area. Over sometime he’s noticed a gradual build-up of traffic. Now this isn’t just a peak hour issue it’s one that occurs from midday until past 6pm. According to Transport for NSW there’s a faulty sensor on the M4 Westbound on-ramp that is effecting the phasing of the traffic lights there.

The problem has been reported, ages ago I might add, but it seems the problem still persists. Which brings me to the broader issue of pinch points like this right across Sydney that could be solved with just a little bit of effort.  

Traffic building North Bound at 3.30pm on Wallgrove Rd Eastern Creek

Over a number of years, the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) formally the RTA has been running various pinch point programs. The original five-year plan kicked off in July 2007 and ran until June 2012 at a cost of $100 million.

Again, in June 2012 the NSW Government committed an extra $125 million for a further five years. In May 2012 even more of our money topped up the already existing program bringing the total spend to $225 million. 

But as time went on more and more cash has been allocated, in fact it’s now sitting at $825 million all up. Additional programs include the Urban Roads Pinch Point Program and the Gateway to the South Pinch Point Program.

There’s no doubt that a concerted effort is being put into easing congestion. This is done by widening small sections of roads, lengthening turn bays, adding extra lanes or installing more CCTV cameras to monitor traffic.

But despite all this we all love a whinge, right? I’m sure we all have our own ideas about pinch points that could easily be fixed. 

One of my big ones is Sydney’s M2 especially outbound in the evening peak. From the Lane Cove Tunnel often all the way to Windsor Rd this motorway that charges us for the pleasure of using it is a disaster most evenings. Why despite a widening project that took years is the M2 squeezed back to two lanes approaching Pennant Hills Rd as it passes under it? The same applies for city bound lanes, it could be three but the third is taken by a stupid bus lane.  

Another one for me is Old Windsor Road approaching Sunnyholt Rd in both directions. In peak hour we have this ridiculous situation where it almost becomes anarchy at times with frustrated motorists using the breakdown lane to bypass the banked up traffic at the main set of lights. 

Finally don’t get me started on the new three lane Richmond Rd at Marsden park, which is already a fiasco. 

To help you let off a little bit of steam, let us know about your most annoying traffic spot. Doesn’t have to be Sydney, it could be anywhere. Are there issues with a set of lights, is an extra lane needed somewhere, would perhaps the installation of a roundabout or an overpass help? Let us know and we will pass it on!