At $649 and $799 respectively the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL are stunning value on the face of it – but what are you going to miss out on?

Size Options
Headphone Jack
Excellent Camera (I’ll explain)
Not water resistant
No Wireless Charging
Battery Life is just ok

To be honest, this is a simple review.

The Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL are bloody great phones. Google makes them simplistic in design which I like. They have accessory cases to suit which fit well and look good, and because it’s the most vanilla version of Google’s Android operating system the experience is a dream.

For $649 you probably wont find a better phone.

Of course, for an extra $550 you can get the Pixel 3 (minus the a) and you get a better phone – but is it? Really?

The 3a’s have a headphone Jack, the 3’s don’t. Courageous.

The 3a’s don’t have the wide angle selfie camera on the front – who cares.

Their processing power is lower – but you won’t notice that.

They do lack Wireless charging and I sure as heck have noticed that, but not enough to justify bumping in an extra $500+.

For the price, the camera is likely unmatched, in fact if you were tossing up between the OG’s and the a’s – I’d take the a’s any day.

However, it’s hardly comparable to the Huawei P30 Pro in any way – but it’s ridiculous to even suggest it, but I wanted to clarify this is a great phone, but not an exceptional one.

Battery life isn’t as good as those flagship models either, but it’s an all dayer, just needs a charge before bed – again, not a deal breaker.

It looks great, feels great, goes great, it’s bloody excellent.

To bother spending more than $649 you either don’t care about money or need the camera strength of the big boys. Though you really don’t.

IMPRESSIVE – VERY IMPRESSIVE, that’s the upshot here.

Save your coin. Go the Pixel 3a (or 3a XL) folks.