I’m totally devoted to what were formally called Philips Hue lighting products. Signify is now the new name for Philips Lighting and has just expanded the Hue range even further via a new range of bathroom products.

Known as Hue Adore the new range includes a lighted mirror, celling light and mirror light. This comes hot on the heels of the Hue Outdoor range that includes spot and pedestal lights. I’ve now got nine of those, in fact I’m currently in the process of creating a “Hue House” if my wife signs off on my proposal. That will include replacing most of my downlights and even light switches with Hue products, so yes, I’m all in! Full details on this later.

But back to Hue’s move into the bathroom space. Signify’s Marketing Manager Simon O’ Donnelly, says “More than ever Australians want to personalise the home to suit their daily lives. Hue Adore gives Australians yet another way to transform every room and enhance their morning and evening routine.”

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms, so it makes sense to extend mood setting lighting into them. As usual the new products will allow for pre-defined recipes to set the right ambiance. The Hue app already allows for energise, relax, concentrate and read modes, but you can also create your own personal lighting schemes with a range of colours that is almost endless.

The new Adore range will connect like any other Hue light to the Philips Hue bridge. That brings with it voice control via all the major voice assistants and of course app control.

The Hue Adore bathroom range contains 3 different luminaries.

• Lighted mirror $389.95
• Ceiling light $299.95
• Mirror light $259.95

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