Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Instagram integration: Made for the insta-generation

What more could you want from your smartphone camera?  We’ve got portrait modes, super slow motion, amazing effects, stabilised video, and more.

Well, for the Instagram fans out there, there’s a feature you probably haven’t seen on any other Samsung phone: A dedicated Instagram mode. 

Added to the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, Instagram mode lets you share your photos directly to Instagram. In the same way that you switch between photo and video mode, you can now swipe to Instagram mode and upon taking a photo or video share it directly to your Instagram account.

This is most useful for people who are taking full advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ multi-lens system, meaning you can choose from the telephoto, wide-angle or ultra-wide-angle lens to take your photo before sharing to your Instagram Story – within Instagram itself you only have a single lens to choose from.

It’s a simple yet very effective feature which takes the power of the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera and puts it to full use in Instagram, one of the most popular photo-sharing app available.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Instagram integration: Made for the insta-generation
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