Every now and then a product pops its head up at CES that can cut through the greed, waste and excess of Vegas. Leka is just such a product.
Leka is a cute little robot designed specifically for kids with special needs, to spark their motivation and help them learn, play and grow. Leka can be used to promote and model social interaction or be used as a platform to experience multiple sensory inputs. Better still, Leka can simply be a robotic companion. Leka can move and roll independently or be directed by the user. Leka can talk and show emotion.

Leka is aimed at helping kids with neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities but can be used by all children. Leka focuses on developing skills in autonomy, communication, cognition, as well as fine and gross motor movement.
Kids can play with Leka’s different colour options, listen to music on Leka, and feel Leka next to them. While children play with Leka they are experimenting and learning in a safe environment. Leka gives them a space where they feel free to make mistakes as they learn how to interact with their world.

It is always a highlight of CES when you find a company that places its products above profits. If you purchase Leka and the little person in your life doesn’t enjoy the experience a full refund is guaranteed within 3 months! Leka normally costs around US$690 but the company works closely with partners and is constantly striving to lower this cost to families in need of Leka. This is an example of tech blending seamlessly with compassion. Well done Leka.