The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), is rightfully calling for further initiatives to help prevent tragedies occurring on All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). The FCAI has responded to the Coroner’s Report into the death of Myley Maxwell in NSW back in 2016.

The Chamber has backed the Coroner who has called for clearer guidelines around the use of ATVs. These types of vehicles like quad bikes can be lethal, I’ve spent a stack of time on them in a rural / farming area, which is usually where these accidents take place. I can tell you that there’s little doubt these machines pose a very high risk in the wrong hands.

Protocols outlined in the report fall in line with the FCAI’s own set of guidelines, that include: 

1. Wearing a helmet – the most effective safety device.

2. Banning passengers from single seat ATVs.

3. Banning children under 16 from riding adult size ATVs.

There has been three other recent coronial inquests over similar matters.

Tony Weber, Chief Executive of the FCAI, said:

“Manufacturers want to reduce any incidents involving ATVs and are especially focussed on the safe use of these machines around children.

“Helmets, the correct use of the ATV, and a safety-first approach are the answers, and we urge both State and Federal Governments to heed the findings of coronial investigations and emphasise these safety initiatives.’’

Let’s hope we never see these types of incidents again,