A lot of new homes today have a dedicated TV room or home cinema. This is great, but with modern sound systems your movie experience could disturb everyone else in the house  Which is why it’s important to look at room acoustics 

CSR is famous for its Gyprock but also offers wall and ceiling systems that are blended into the brands plasterboard products. Gyprock’s Good Environmental Choice Australia accredited (GECA) Superchek plasterboard is at the premium end when it comes to noise control.

Superchek offers a reinforced core that is not only kid damage resistant but delivers greater sound absorption. 

Another option is Gyprock Soundchek, which is Australia’s first acoustic plasterboard. It reduces  the transfer of unwanted noises that can travel through walls and ceilings. 

The lightweight Soundchek has a dense core to aid its sound transmission performance and provide a higher level of soft and hard body impact resistance. 

Therese Tarlinton, Gyprock Marketing Communications Manager, says: “Home theatres, entertainment rooms or other special purpose rooms with high noise levels, such as music and rumpus rooms, are typical areas that need to be considered for noise transfer.”

“With some basic understanding of building acoustics and careful consideration of the room use and layout of your home or extension, you can create quiet zones where you need them and keep noise contained.”

There’s no point having hi-fi equipment if the room itself hasn’t been in some way acoustically treated. Walls lined with Superchek provide a 15 per cent reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard. While Soundchek cuts it down by between 50 per cent and 70 per cent.

So, there should be no more yelling from your better half about that action movie you’re indulging in at full noise!

Web: gyprock.com.au