I can remember when Gold Class was launched – what an outrageously extravegant way to experience the movies.

Perhaps not enough for some, because Event Cinemas is upping the game with a new premium offering called Boutique.

It’s a pretty nice room – even better than Gold Class (Which continues to be available), except perhaps for Event describing the upgrade as “Australia’s first Instagrammable cinema” – I mean, come on.

But – in their defence – it looks epic.

There are two Boutique cinemas at the George Street Event Cinemas in Sydney – one of them has a Library theme, the other has a movie premiere theme representing the Paparazzi.

Library seats 28 people, Paparazzi 46 – both with nice looking new recliners and a whole new interior design.

Each offers footrests, seat side waiter service, but in terms of the movies themselves – they feature bigger screens, state of the art sound and next month will be upgraded with Laser Projection for a fantastic picture quality.

The menu on offer is special, featuring local producers, including Sonoma Bakery and Vic’s Meats:

Jane Hastings, CEO of EVENT Hospitality and Entertainment said, “We don’t believe in a oneexperience-fits-all approach to our cinemas or our customers. Through our research we understand customers want choice, even down to the style of their seat. Those seeking premium experiences not only expect the best seat, sound and vision, they want to fully immerse in a great experience.

Event Boutique, our latest in a raft of new premium experiences, is a result of engaging fresh thinking to create a unique experience that immerses you from the moment you walk through the door. Customers who have been part of our design process and have trialled the experience tell us this is the best yet”

Luke Mackey, General Manager of Event Cinemas said, “Our new Boutique cinemas enhance the viewing experience featuring unrivalled laser projection technology for the clearest picture, coupled with world-class sound, designer aesthetics and bespoke menus, everything about the Boutique experience is premium, unique and world-class.”

Oh, and if you like what you see, the cinemas are configurable, so you can hire it out for your own private screening or corporate event.

The Boutique cinemas will be created within existing Event Cinemas across Australia and New Zealand over time, with Newmarket in New Zealand being next. George St Boutique opens this Friday.