This article could be a simple news piece about the latest deal for OPPO customers and/or customers to-be… but instead it’s an opinion piece around how one of the industry greats is entirely taken for granted and have to offer you even more before you’ll even look their way.

Here at EFTM we’ve reviewed an incredible amount of OPPO products and are clinically impressed with their work. They build phenomenal mid-range phones that are affordable and have all of the latest features. Traditionally OPPO phones sport lower processing power, but that’s easily forgiven when weighing up all of the functions their phones ship with. Anyone that I’ve ever recommended an OPPO to has lost their mind at how functional and affordable they are.

The OPPO R15

But since the masses are desperately afraid to move away from the name brands (Apple, Samsung, Google to some extent), the incredible products on offer from this market disruptor don’t get the attention they deserve. Hence why OPPO are now offering their new and existing customers of their ‘A’, ‘R’, ‘Find’ and ‘Reno’ series phones four months of YouTube Music Premium on the house!

YouTube Music Premium offers you all of the features we really wish the YouTube app defaulted with; ad-free music, the ability to lock your screen while listening and an ‘offline’ mode that allows you to download the tracks.

The OPPO R17 Pro

If you’re in the market for a new phone – consider giving OPPO a go. We recently gave you all the details about their new 5G handset, the Reno 5G, but this deal is available on their budget devices like the AX7 as well!

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