Look, I’ll be honest – sometimes it takes a long time to work out what’s any different or stand out about one set of headphones versus another. That was most certainly not the case with the Powerbeats Pro.

Out of the box these are a very similar to the Apple Airpods in terms of pairing with an iPhone – using the Apple H1 chip inside gives it that advantage.

Fear not Android fans, you can use them too – its just a more traditional Bluetooth pairing process of course.

Now I put them straight on – wasn’t easy – the loop design with the large actual headphone isn’t quite clear how it goes, but in the end I’ve found it super simple to slide the loop over the ear and let the headphone fall into place.

Press Play on my phone. WOW. Seriously, WOW. I know Beats by Dr. Dre are known for their Bass but this is next level stuff.

These are small entirely wireless headphones, yet the quality blows away plenty of larger headphones.

But that comes at a price – $349.95 isn’t cheap.

The huge charging case won’t fit in your pocket, I guess it’s made for throwing into the bag or similar.

You’ll get 9 hours playtime – impressive, and 24 in total using the battery in that charging case.

Plus, if they’re flat when you need them – 5 mins in the case will get you an hour and a half of playback time.

Siri is basically sitting in your ears, waiting on your every command without ever taking your phone out of your pocket.

Plus, Siri can announce messages as they come in. I was listening to music working away – didn’t see my phone messages appear or hear it, but Siri announced and read the message out – really cool.

If you’re not a bass fan it would be good to have a companion app to pair that back a bit, but perhaps if you’re not into Bass just save $100 and get Airpods?

And finally, in a genius move, both sides have mirrored controls. So you can adjust volume and track controls on either ear – in fact you can wear one ear or both and all functions stay the same.

These are exceptional headphones, at a price.