Pets die.

Just the other night as I was ushering my now 11-year-old Burmese cat Felix into the garage I said to my wife, “You know what one day we will wake up and he’ll be dead.” A morbid observation, but a reality. One that takes on more significance now I have a toddler who will be acutely aware Felix one day has gone AWOL.

But today I’m here to inform you about this, an article forced onto me by our Dictator Trevor Long. There’s a mob called Love of Weaving in Victoria and, wait for it, they weave pillows from the fur of your pets.

Dalia, a weaver of Saori (a Japanese style of weaving), uses this unique skill by taking fur collected from your pet and turns it into yarn. Now this is actually done prior to them departing this world, in fact according to Dalia the best time to collect the fur is now, when your precious pet is energetic, healthy and happy.

Or like me the second best time is when your pet is getting older. One of Dalia’s clients provided this testomy: “My poodle Bella was a member of the family, a constant companion, healer and faithful guardian. She was there for me during my challenging emotional.”

Dalia doesn’t just go and give your pet a council haircut, she gathers it from gently combed and groomed pets.

Dalia’s lightbulb moment for her first cushion came from her own bunnies and dog. But things have kicked on since then with fibres procured from Samoyed, black Poodle and an Angora rabbit.

So to turn your pet into a pillow check out Love of Weaving.

I’ll get square with you Trev.