The rebirth of Foxtel is upon us, a new approach to what content they offer and the fight to make your Foxtel IQ box your primary viewing platform is about to kick off.

Foxtel CEO Patrick Delaney has invited journalists to an event next week to announce a new experience for customers, and EFTM can reveal the announcement will centre around Netflix and Streaming options.

Users online have today revealed a bit more than Foxtel might like about the news, with a new Foxtel remote being sent to new IQ box recipients.

Image: Whirlpool

The remote tells it all, with Foxtel putting their core content front and centre with direct buttons for TV Shows, Movies and Sport but hidden in plain sight is a big fat Netflix button.

Yep, Netflix is coming to Foxtel.

It’s likely the app will be independent on the box, similar to how Netflix appears on the Fetch boxes, but with Netflix’s regular power of bargaining they’ve landed a button on the remote for instant app access.

Don’t be thinking Foxtel are going to offer Netflix on the cheap, the real question is whether you are required to get your Netflix through Foxtel as a new package, or if you can use an existing Netflix account to login on the IQ box.

You’ll also note there is a VOICE button at the top of the remote control, which means we’re getting voice control of your IQ box as well.

It’s all speculation until the official announcement on Wednesday – we’ll wait and see what it means!