A new update rolling out to Google’s Home and Nest Hub devices finally means they’ll be less annoying when turning off your smart lights at night.

The update, announced over on the Google Support forums, will remove the usually very loud response from the devices announcing which lights the device has just turned on or off, with the devices now emitting a simple chime to let you know it’s heard you.

The chime will only be played if your Google Home or Nest Hub device is in the same room as the smart home lights you’re attempting to control, so you’ll still get confirmation if you turn off the kitchen lights from the Google Home in the lounge room, or if a device in another room accidentally hears you.

The update will also allow you to get the chime when controlling smart switches and plugs which are identified as lights. This means you will have to change your existing ‘desk’ plug name to ‘desk lamp’, else you’ll get the full blast of the Assistant confirming the status of your smart plug.

The update still means you can access all the same features such as dimming, or increasing the brightness on the lamps.

Google is rolling the update out to devices now so it shouldn’t be too much longer before we start hearing that chime.