If you see an animal in need of help – most of us wouldn’t have a bloody clue who to call. If you are in Victoria that problem is solved with Wildlife Victoria teaming up with Aussie app Snap Send Solve to provide an instant solution.

The app is not new, it has been used for many years to report everything from pot holes to broken benches at the local park, and while many people have left reports for all sorts of things, by working together directly the team at Snap Send Solve are able to incorporate user reports directly into the customer management systems Wildlife Victoria already has in place.

This means almost immediate attention can be given to reports as they come in.

Wildlife Victoria CEO Dr Megan Davidson said “By improving accessibility, we are improving outcomes for wildlife. 

“In 2018 every six minutes we received a request to assist an animal, and with demand doubling in the last 5 years, we knew we needed a better way to manage reports and respond. 

“Snap Send Solve provides members of the community with a way to make a detailed report, and having the platform integrated with our backend systems, ensures those details are automatically received into our emergency queue, providing the best chance for our native wildlife.”

Danny Gorog, the founder of Snap Send Solve is excited to be working with Wildlife Victoria, saying “We care deeply about the environment and are extremely proud to be taking an active part in assisting Wildlife Victoria to help our native animals.”

There are half a million Aussies using the Snap Send Solve app, with almost 30,000 reports a month going through the platform.

Using the GPS location of the device the app is able to ensure that reports for a local area can only be placed from within the local area. But, it all takes less than a minute.

Its as easy as Opening the app, Taking a photo (Snap) then confirm your location, the type of incident and Send!

The “Solve” part is up to Wildlife Victoria from that point on – but you have done your bit already!

You can get started with the app which is free on both Apple and Android devices.