On Sunday a bunch of nutjobs on Jet Ski’s set off on an epic journey – from Australia to Papau New Guinea – and back!

Today they began their journey home despite losing two participants on the way (their Jet Ski took on water and was found half sunk after a night’s rest).

The Ocean riding Jet-Ski community is pretty tight, and this ride is testament to that, as it’s all in aide of Charity – Sarz Sanctuary, setup as a support group for families of murder victims and terror attacks, named after Sara Zelenak who was killed in the London terror attacks in June 2017.

Zara was a member of a family well-known in the ocean riding Jet Ski community.

Sara’s father, Mark Wallace told BoatSales.com.au “Sara is in our heart every day and she directs us in what we’re doing. This is an event where we feel the support of her and we can give back to others,”

Mark is helping out as part of the road crew supporting the journey during the Aussie legs of the trip.

While they make it to Aussie territory today, they are due in Port Douglas next week after a trip down the coast.

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