The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has reported a continued decline in new vehicle sales, for the month of July. Overall there was a 2.8 per cent drop over the same period last year, with 83,184 sales. The year to date slump stands at 7.7 per cent. 

Speaking of the total 637,650 units sold thus far, Tony Weber, Chief Executive of the FCAI, said, “The July sales figures continue to illustrate the tough market conditions facing the Australian automotive industry, and the sensitive nature of the economy over the past twelve months.

“Tight financial lending, drought, increasing Luxury Car Tax imposts and the Federal election have all contributed to make the Australian car market one of the toughest in the world.

“But it is great news for the consumer who is spoiled for choice with attractive new car offers as automotive brands provide excellent deals to stimulate sales growth,” Mr Weber said.

Toyota sits at the top of the mountain thanks to 17,876 sales that cements a  21.5 per cent market share. Mazda follow with 8,227 sales, albeit someway behind with a market share of 9.9 per cent. Third was taken out by Hyundai via 6,983 sales for a 8.4 per cent market share, Mitsubishi in fourth with 5,247 sales for a 6.3 per cent share while Ford secured fifth with 4,900 sales or 5.9 per cent.

The top two models also belong to Toyota with the Hi-Lux sitting on 3,359 sales, followed by Toyota Corolla the second-best selling vehicle with 3,244 sales. The hatch just nudged out the Ford Ranger with 3,168 sales. The very popular Toyota RAV4 was fourth with 2,419 sales while the Hyundai i30 rounded out the top five with 2,252 units shifted in July.