It’s one thing to have a smoke alarm or two in your house but what about this. I’ve stumbled across a product at IFA 2019 called Safera Sense. It’s claimed to be the complete smart cooking sensor. 

This is a smart cooking device that records past events, like for example how long you last boiled that saucepan of pasta. So essentially it records all cooking activities and allows users to create automated cooking routines. 

But that’s just the start. It also monitors your safety via sensors that keep an eye on things like excessive temperature, so much so the unit is capable of shutting off the power supply before the chips and oil catch fire for example. Would have been handy in 1992 when my sister Ashleigh did the same thing.

At the same time though it realises that if your standing in front of the oven you’ve probably got a handle on things, so won’t interfere. 

More capabilities include measuring air quality, via the app it gives you live diagnostics. Including temperature and humidity.

The sensor unit is placed above the oven, then you download the free app. There is an extra power unit outside of the battery powered sensor that you’ll need if you want the circuit breaker ability.

The product is not on sale in Australia, but if you look hard enough online you’ll find one for around $199


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