The thing about a cushy corporate job is that you normally don’t get a great choice of laptops. That might all be about to change with HP’s latest top end corporate laptop the HP Elite Dragonfly.

It’s actually quite reasonable for an IT department looking after hundreds of laptop support to just have two or three models available making service, repairs and exchanges simple.

Then comes the issue with the new big boss, who despite the PC strategy of the organisation, wants the cool new MacBook. Oh, and those darn Millennials who want to bring their own device and place the security team on high alert.

These are probably just some of the reasons behind the latest creation from HP. Their consumer SPECTRE laptop range has been sensational, stunning and all the good things

Now, a bit of that DNA looks like it’s rubbed off on the business laptops with the new Elite Dragonfly.

It’s lightweight (at under a Kilogram), and powerful (with 4G capabilities, WiFi 6 and Intel’s latest get processors).

Plus, for a 13 inch touch screen convertible it’s going to last the day – with a 24.5 hour battery life!

Did I mention the looks? Crafted from CNC-machined Magnesium and looks a stunning iridescent Dragonfly Blue 

Alex Cho, President, Personal Systems at HP says “A PC should provide freedom, adapt, and transform how and where today’s business professionals work,”

“HP innovation is moving businesses beyond the status quo with incredibly light, powerful, and highly secure PC designs and a connected ecosystem for next generation workplaces. Delivering our lightest compact business convertible9 and beautiful curved displays, HP is reimagining how technology empowers today’s workforce.” 

Those Curved displays he talks about – well they look slick too.

There are two new monitors, the S430c Ultrawide and the E344c – both curved, of course.

We need to test the Ultrawide, HP reckon it has a technology that allows you too control two PCs at the same time, copy and pasting between the devices with a single keyboard. Sounds great!

Both are immersive with their curve and have a solid new design for the modern office workspace.

They’re all coming by year’s end – here’s the pricing and availability:

  • HP Elite Dragonflyis expected to be available to order in mid-November starting at AU$2699
  • HP S430c Curved Ultrawide Monitor is expected to be available on December 4 for AU$1299
  • HP E344c Curved Monitor is expected to be available on October27 for AU$899