They 3310, the 8110 and now the 2720 among others – Nokia are keeping the good times rolling with another launch of yet more retro phones.

While still making some clean and reliable Android Smartphones including two new models announced here in Berlin, there’s a very clear win for Nokia in producing these retro models.

Sure they attract a tonne of attention at launch – hey, we all love to reminisce – but in fact there is a broader more specific reason.

Nokia want to reach more people, in emerging markets where price sensitivity is critical, and in the developed markets where there is a specific need.

In this case, each of the three phones announced today have a clear need.

As Juho Sarvikas from HMD Global – the company behind the Nokia phone brand said, “As leaders of the feature phone segment, we continue to bring innovations in design, form-factor and functionality to ensure we meet the diverse needs of our fans.

Today we are proud to introduce the most rugged Nokia phone yet with the Nokia 800 Tough. It’s the ideal phone for the outdoors adventurer or those in demanding worksites.

The Nokia 2720 Flip expands our Originals family, and perfectly balances the digital detox and accessibility needs of our fans.

Bringing connectivity to first time feature phone users, the Nokia 110 comes packed with entertainment on the go.

Nokia 800 Tough

This is one Rugged phone! Water and Dust proof, it also can handle big drops and extreme temps, so tradies take note.

But it’s no “dumb phone” – with Google Assistant, WhatsApp and Facebook all via 4G it’s going to keep you connected.

Nokia 2720 Flip

Not as iconic as the 3310 perhaps, but the flip phone market has moved on, so bringing it back with a bit more smarts seems a good idea.

Again with Google Assistant, WhatsApp and Facebook connectivity isn’t an issue. And perhaps signalling who it’s best designed for, the 2710 has an “ICE” button – in case of emergency – meaning your loved ones can call you at the touch of a button.

This thing is perfect for my mum – so she can keep her flip phone, and finally join the family WhatsApp group!

Nokia 110

If you’re looking for a first phone, this little guy is it.

MP3 player, FM radio and camera – plus Snake to entertain this is simplicity in a box.

No word on Aussie pricing or availability just yet – but they’ll come!

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