Did you know that September 22 is World Car Free Day? It allows people to “reimagine” their city car-free.

Central London for example will close 20km of roads. There will be treasure hunts, BMX rides, pop-up playgrounds, street performers plus live music events. 

The same is happening here, it’s a Sunday which is kind of silly. I mean if they were fair dinkum about saving us from Nitrogen Dioxide, wouldn’t you hold it on a weekday?

Also don’t we have Australia Day and Christmas Eve for street parties? Why don’t we go all out and hold it simultaneously with Earth Hour as well.

Personally I’d rather listen to nails scape down a blackboard on loop for 24 hours. But set yourself free all you dreamers, then fill up with unleaded on the Monday and resume normal programming. That’s assuming we have any left after the Donald takes a look at Iran an its antics.