This week we have a few specials, but I’m rather fond of this Hyundai i30N Fastback. This is literally the i30N hot-hatch, with a slopping rear roof line. Its drives almost precisely like the hatch, in fact if I was to buy one it’s this variant. The i30N is still the best bang for buck effort around, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd this is the go.


2.0-litre turbocharged petrol four-cylinder.

Power / Transmission

202kW at 6000rpm / 353Nm at 1450-4700rpm. Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive. Overboost function for 18 seconds between 1750-4200rpm.\

0 – 100km/h

6.1 seconds

Fuel Economy



  • Apple CarPlay
  • Telemetry for track use. Lap timer, g-force and acceration data.
  • DAB+ radio
  • Sat nav
  • Full suite of active and passive safety features.
  • 8.0-inch touchscreen

First impressions

Thoughts? Just the same as when I first drove the hatch at Winton Raceway. How did Hyundai do all this straight out of the gate? The poaching of key BMW M talent no doubt helped!

It is built to a price, with an interior that lacks a genuine premium feel. But honestly, I dare any brand snob to jump in either model, if you get out bagging it, you’re as dumb as a post.


For me none really, the rearward vision is down on the hatch. The looks may piss some off, but I loooove it.


From: $41,990

Full review next week!