There’s only so many things that fit under the title “Internet Security” which is probably why Norton’s latest product is the rebirth of the Norton 360 brand.

360 by itself gives an “all-encompassing” feeling and that’s exactly what Norton want.

Also gone is the Norton by Symantec corporate name, replaced by Norton Lifelock after the acquisition of the Lifelock company recently. Lifelock is a big name in the USA offering a kind of insurance offering over online fraud and identity theft. That level of service isn’t coming to Australia though, but the Lifelock name is now part of the corporate image.

Once installed, at a glance you’ve got clarity over your Device Security, VPN activation, Password Management, Parental Controls and Cloud Backup.

Just giving your computer a spring clean is a good feeling, with of course your standard security and virus scanning offering peace of mind.

New to Norton 360 this year is the integration of the Norton Secure VPN software meaning you can get a VPN connection on your devices for more secure use of transaction-based websites and apps.

Additionally, there’s up to 100GB of cloud storage to store important files as a loss prevention measure.

Finally, there’s a new “SafeCam” feature which blocks access to your computers webcam without your clear authorisation.

Those features sit alongside standard device security, parental controls, threat protection, firewall and password manager to make up the Norton 360 product.

There are three levels of Norton 360 protection, Standard, Deluxe and Premium.

Standard Protection is for 1 device and offers Virus and Spyware protection and Cloud Backup.

Deluxe expands to 3 and 5 devices, and adds protection for mobile devices, online family protection and more cloud storage, while Premium takes your cloud storage to 100GB.