With smart speakers appearing in every room of the home one thing some people are starting to notice is an issue with the music quality.

We know that music is the number 1 use for Smart Speakers, yet so many people buy the cheapest most basic speaker!

Two new products from JBL should solve this problem once and for all – Link Portable and Link Music.

This is not JBL’s first rodeo, they were one of the first third-party brands to create a speaker with Google integration. Plus, they know their sound and speakers – so they’re going to sound great.

Link Music has an Apple Homepod feel to it, kinda fat and chubby little speaker made ideally for the living room or kitchen area where music can really fill a room.

With built-in AirPlay 2 and Chromecast you’ll be able to get music any way you choose – by voice, by app or by casting.

Link Music comes in a grey fabric colouring which is neutral enough to match pretty much any home.

JBL’s Link Portable takes the Bluetooth speaker concept and supercharges it. IPX7 waterproof so it can be in any room, an immersive 360 degree sound, plus a handy charging cradle so when you’re done with it, just place it back and there’s no fumbling around for cables to charge it

Marcus Fry at JBL Australia says “Listening to our customers is just as important to us as listening to our audio products. Our customers have told us how important easy music streaming is to them. We get this. That’s why we’ve designed these speakers with the option of Wi-Fi streaming for more seamless connectivity. There’s no danger of being disturbed by calls or worrying if your phone runs out of juice. 360 JBL Sound is a key feature in both speakers whether you prefer static or portable. We’ve priced the JBL Link Portable and Link Music very competitively while providing all the favourite features people want. With the Google Assistant onboard – music or podcasts are only a command away”

Link Portable will retail for $229.95, while Link Music will be available for $169.95 – both coming this month.