Capitalizing on the rising phenomenon that is video gaming, electronics giant LG have announced their first 1ms response time gaming monitors! Under the umbrella of ‘UltraGear’, LG have released six new monitors that are available right now and serve a wide array of monitor preferences. 

The flagship among them, the 38-inch GL950G is an Nvidia G-Sync compatible curved display with some wonderfully thin bezels;

All of the monitors in the new lineup are 144hz refresh rate displays – with the exception of the GL950G, which can be overclocked to 175hz. A feature that has clearly been implemented with the interests of gamers in mind.

In recent years we’ve been flooded with products explicitly targeting the gaming industry with pretty colours and lights, but no functionality – so it’s fantastic to see LG actually prioritizing the technology we’re looking for.

The team at LG have gone for variety through size and shape with the UltraGear range. The other monitors in the range, complimenting that beautiful flagship include;

They’ve included game genre settings, so you can get the best light/contrast/colour temperature settings at the press of a button. You’ll also find one of my favourite tricks, the onscreen cross-hair.

The UltraGear range is available online at

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