Spotify is the leader in music streaming, with both paid and free options there are tens of millions of people getting their music hit from Spotify every day.

Every year, around this time – they allow Spotify users to log on, and see what topped their own listening lists for the year.

Called “Wrapped” it’s your year all wrapped up in stats – but this year, there’s one other big thing they’re doing.

“My Decade Wrapped” looks at all the songs, albums and artists you’ve discovered and enjoyed through the entire decade.

Find out what you like seasonally, as well as what you loved most.

And of course, then you can jump back in and enjoy them all over again.

The lists are available online now, of course, you need to be logged in for it to work, but your 2019 list is available in the Spotify app as of this afternoon – and you can share your stats easily on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter with a personalised “Wrapped” card.