Go Dogo is an artificially intelligent (AI) interactive activity toy that will help exercise your dog’s mind – using treats as the motivation.

Positive reinforcement has always been a powerful training tool for our family dogs. And by allowing dogs to earn their food, they are building self-confidence. Go Dogo will allow your dog to earn treats by completing stimulating challenges.

With people working long hours during the day or heading out at night, our dogs are often left home by themselves, unstimulated and bored. A bored dog is likely to get up to mischief, like chewing on your favourite pair of shoes. Go Dogo is a device mounted above your TV and is designed to release treats to your dog when it does a “trick”. In the beginning, it’s really easy. The AI instructor simply says, “Dogo” and out comes the treat. Slowly it becomes harder, building to more difficult tricks for your dog to activate the treat.

Go Dogo is connected to your TV via HDMI and allows both audio and visual cues to be given to your dog. I’m told that most dogs can see an image on modern tv’s. Using both the front and side mounted cameras in combination will make sure your dog is seen in the game zone.

Mental stimulation should be restricted to dogs to about 20 minutes per day so the app allows the user to setup a couple of times a day to make sure your dog doesn’t over do it.

The product is still looking for backers on Indigogo.

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