A new kind of security system has been announced this week at CES – one that includes a drone to patrol your property, along with sensors disguised as garden lights and a central processor to bring it all together.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System includes the Sunflowers (motion and vibration sensors that look like simple garden lights but can populate a map to show you people, cars and animals on your property in real time); the Bee (a fully autonomous drone that deploys and flies on its own, with cameras on board to live stream video) and the Hive (a charging station for the Bee, which also houses the brains of the entire operation).

The Bee can be deployed to monitor any untoward activity monitored on your property. It’s like having that person at your property ready to respond to any suspicious behavior without any risk to a person.

If you wanted the Sunflower Home Awareness System at your home, you are looking at around US$10,000. No word on supplying to Australia, probably because it would be unlikely but if you were keen on such a system, they are taking pre-orders now here.

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