Fresh after CES the ideas keep coming from some innovators around the world. Candles haven’t changed much since they were invented in 3000BC. Candle Touch have released a product on Kickstarter that allows a candle to be lit and controlled by a smartphone, eliminating the need for matches, cigarette lighters, propane torches or sticks and stones. I do like a good candle so the idea of merging a great smelling candle with some tech appeals to me.

Most of us have seen candles that that use an LED light or similar but what sets this smart candle apart is that it is a real candle and a real flame.

Using Bluetooth technology and a unique lighting mechanism, it’s the ultimate smart candle for the home. Through the companion app, users can remotely light or extinguish a candle without the worry of needing a lighter or bothering to get off the couch.

The key smart features of the Candle Touch are:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 device embedded in the smart base, detects users distance, allowing communication only if the user has direct line of sight.
  • Bluetooth communication extends as far as 60 feet.
  • Self-ignition mechanism; lights up with a tap on your smartphone.
  • Light up to 10 candles simultaneously.
  • Rechargeable battery.

You read that right folks, the ability to simultaneously light 10 candles at once. What an awesome party trick to be able to light candles all over your home with the push of a button. I reckon even the wife might rate that.

The Candle Touch is made in natural coconut wax in nine different scents: Red Grapefruit, Wild Fig, White Tea & Ginger, Lime & Grapefruit, Guava & Red Currant, Black Amber & Oak, Amber & Clove, Avocado & Mint, Green Tea & Lemongrass.

The wax is entirely replaceable so after the candle has been exhausted, replace it with a new one. The average life of the candle is 55-70 hours. The app will even remind users to extinguish the candle. I reckon a great idea for a future product is to connect via Wi-Fi so users can double check that the candle has been extinguished if they’ve left the home for that piece of mind.

The Candle Touch is available for pre-orders for $59.99 at Kickstarter.