Denon isn’t a household name but people who know audio know Denon and that’s the kind of thing you want to know when considering a product like this for your lounge room.

The Denon S715H soundbar is a stunner that sounds outstanding.

However, at $1,699 it’s not for everyone. That price doesn’t get you Dolby Atmos, the price doesn’t get you wireless rear speakers, nor does it get you a subwoofer.

What it does get you is sound you cannot fault.

This is a three-channel soundbar with a really rich, true sound profile.

Honestly, there’s not much more to say about how it sounds other than you won’t be disappointed.

What this soundbar also has in its favour is it’s packed with content opportunities.

Google and Alexa are on board so you can command your smart home as well as your music services. The entire wireless setup is done through HEOS app that Denon use which gets your Soundbar ready to perform outside of just the plugs in the back.

Speaking of which, 4 HDMI inputs plus the HDMI ARC connection – this is a future-proofing soundbar. With so many boxes and consoles out there, three just isn’t enough, so if you’ve got a bunch of gear – this will tick that box too!

Dive really deep into this bit of kit and you’ve also got things like quick select buttons on the remote you can program for fast and easy access to your favourite inputs, functions or even radio stations.

It’s pricey, no doubt. But I can see the value having listened to everything from music on full sound, gaming on the Playstation and streaming plenty of Netflix and Stan.