When one of the lads in the EFTM Man Cave suggested we take a look at the Kogan Stick Vacuum – we got on the blower to Ruslan Kogan and he made it happen.

Priced at $420 when originally posted, you’ll find the C11 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum at Kogan today for just $249.

For an extra few bucks you can get the same thing, with a spare battery!

Now a $250 stick vacuum surely can’t be compared to a Dyson can it?

It bloody well can:

Right off the bat there’s a few things to consider in that style comparison. Yes the Dyson has a far superior build quality, yes it comes with a fancy wall mount and in many version a whole bunch of adaptors.

And yes, Dyson’s suction technology is class leading.

But consider for a moment not all of us can afford $599 for a vacuum let alone $999.

At $400 this thing is good value, at $250 its a bloody ripper.

Our hardwood floors at home were a breeze for the Kogan C11, the kids cereal, the meal prep mess and general dust and dirt – all collected with ease.

And that’s just on standard mode. There are three levels of suction available, but guys – be aware, you really only need the basic level – that louder sound from the higher suction just makes you feel like you’re doing a better job – but if you don’t need it, don’t use it.

That also helps prolong the battery, speaking of which, this thing lasts. It sucks and sucks and sucks. 50 minutes or so. That’s better than a Dyson too.

As you can see in the video above I threw woodchips and dirt on the floor and it sucked it up as well if not better than the Dyson V10.

Headlights? Hell yeah! Not sure why – but perhaps for under the lounge, and it does lay almost flat for those circumstances.

If this was a car review I’d be complaining about the handling through corners, she’s not smooth, but you get used to the control – this is also an area the Dyson has an advantage. But you get very used to it.

Emptying the canister is easy, changing the motorised brush head is also easy.

Power is a trigger that does not require holding. Click to turn on, click again to turn off. Simple.

Honestly, this far exceeded my expectations, and I can’t not recommend it – not everyone has the cash to splash out on the high-end stuff, and the Kogan C11 Pro is a reminder that sometimes the basic functions are available at a much more affordable price.

Web: Kogan.com & With spare battery