Make no bones about it, we love F1 here at EFTM. So in 2020 with a very interesting season ahead, we’re not holding back.

We want to engage with you and enjoy the season with you in 2020.

Here’s how.


Firstly, introducing the EFTM F1 Podcast. We’ll record the show immediately after every race, so it’s there for you to listen to on the way to work or home from work whatever you choose.

Hosted by Trevor Long, the show will feature mates who also love F1 joining Trev across the season to just chat about the race, the controversy, the boredom, the excitement – whatever comes.

Talking F1 from an Aussie perspective. How’d Daniel go, what was the coverage like – you name it!

You’ll be able to subscribe soon on iTunes, but if you want to get started now, copy this link ( into your Podcast app!

Fantasy Competition

Using the official Formula One fantasy platform, we’ve created an EFTM Fantasy League.

You can join by clicking here, or entering this code into your settings: cfc8f3e3e1

We’ll offer prizes every race for the best performer, and for the top 3 at the end of the year, we’ll offer prizes too!

Every winner will choose their prize, on offer are subscriptions to Kayo, Netflix or Stan – you choose which one!

Each round winner will get a one-month subscription (Voucher) to the service of their choice.

At the end of the year, third-best overall will win three months subscription to the service of their choice, second-best will win six months, and the winner overall will get a year’s subscription!

Social Media

Trev’s pretty opinionated during the races and during the week, so hey – if you love F1, jump on Twitter and join the conversation.

If you’re on twitter and want to follow the whole sport’s goings-on – we’ve setup Twitter Lists for you to follow.

Click here to see what the drivers are saying.

Click here to see what the Teams are saying.

And click here to see what everyone is saying about F1!

So, huge year – finally, join us in the EFTM Man Cave Facebook group if you wanna chat on Facebook with fellow Man Cavers🙂